Fully book out your schedule with high-paying clients

✔ Get sessions in your spare time

✔ Set your own rate

✔ Best “one click away” customer support


Klinklin provides you with video, calendar, payments, collaboration tools for your team, and more, all for free. Today an online service provider needs to use 2 to 10 different tools, and pay $20 to $6K to work online. You also have to spend a third of your time doing marketing, and negotiating your hourly rate. We are changing that for you to meet instantly your clients when you are available, and at the rate you deserve.


Fully book the schedule of individual professional or teams up to 9 people


Get more sales for teams of 10+ people when working online


Klinklin is a platform for service professionals to offer 1:1 sessions instantly to their clients, they can also provide 1:1 sessions to their audience from their social media accounts. Klinklin is an on-demand service business model, but aimed at service providers, people with skills who can offer their service on the Internet, and their clients. Professionals decide when they want to meet, and their own pricing.

Klinklin can be used by service professionals and their clients – this also includes teams of professionals. Anyone can create their own Klinklin profile for free by downloading the Klinklin app. Professionals in Klinklin are service providers like mental health professionals, wellness instructors, lawyers, accountants, or anyone who can provide their services in a virtual setting.

You don’t need to Go Live to receive 1:1 sessions. You can get “Ready to Meet” anytime to receive sessions. Your followers on Klinklin and your Social Media receive a notification saying you are “Meeting Now”. Generally “Go Live” is used to receive 10x more sessions booked. Deciding to “Go Live” is a choice you are able to make, but not necessary to provide 1:1 sessions.

Yes you can, one of the tools the professionals have available in Klinklin is “Enforce Zip Code”. Clients must specify their zip code before requesting a 1:1 session. This way, the professionals receive only clients from the state, city, or zip code they choose.

As a service professional, Klinklin users can discover your profile in several locations on Klinklin.tv and the Klinklin app. When you Go Live, your live stream can appear on the Discover tab of the app, as well as your own social media accounts linked to your profile on Klinklin. This way you can simultaneously reach your audience on Klinklin, and on your social media.

We charge from 7% to 35% to be able to give you all the tools you need to instantly meet for free, the payment gateway’s fees, our state of the art infrastructure on Amazon’ servers, and the best “one-click away” support. The percentage depends on your industry, price of the session, and the number of sessions you give per month. You can learn more about the rate applied to your account in the billing section of the app, plus tips explaining on how to improve it.

The entire Klinklin platform and apps are HIPAA compliant. The infrastructure has been built with HIPAA in mind. Every data connection, and component was built and chosen to comply with HIPAA.

Klinklin is the first live streaming network where clients can meet their professionals instantly.