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Create all means for people to receive help in the most affordable way.

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Cubans as the first friendly users

Antler is a top incubator having its first experience in the US in three important tech cities. Klinklin was invited to the Antler Boulder cohort which began on June 27 for a six-week residency program. The Hispanic Market reaches 57M+ people in the US, and it results in interest for Antler.

Klinklin is exploring a validation strategy by linking services offered by Cubans in the island, Miami, and Madrid. The Internet offers a great opportunity to allow private dance teachers, therapists, engineers, and local marketplaces, to sell their products and services, within the current regulations established by the US government. The design of Klinklin helps thousands of Cubans earn over $2000 per month.

Problems that Klinklin solves in the Cuban scenario

Many US companies approached Cuba during the Obama presidency, but couldn’t consolidate a service in the island due to the complexity in the political and economical scenario. For a big and established company it is hard to create specific internal policies addressing sanctioned individuals and government businesses in Cuba by the US government. Besides, allowing locals from the island to cash out their online income is not possible due to lack of financial infrastructure between Cuba and the US.

Klinklin’s founder, Carlos Garcia, brings a major expertise in the economical and financial relationship between the two countries. He also played an important role in the entrepreneurial community since the early days with his first venture Kewelta, a vertical advertising network in Cuba.

Klinklin provides all the tools for private Cubans in the island and abroad, to sell their services and products online. We also partner with Tropipay www.tropipay.com, a Spanish-based company that created legal ways for private Cubans to receive the earned income. Tropipay created an advanced system to score Cubans based on many criterias similar to the Credit Score in the US, and Klinklin is implementing similar strategies in this path to identify threats. Our interest is in helping the Cuban people to work on the Internet, following the US regulations, and avoiding political related issues. This is an ongoing conversation with many Cuban entrepreneurs all over the world, who decided to give an opportunity to Cuban service providers to show the value of their creativity and professionalism.


Removing the barriers that prevent access to professionals.

Everyone deserves help when they need it for them and their families, but better prices for that usually means professionals making less, and that is not good. Our goal is to help more people get help, and help professionals get paid the amount they deserve. If the relationship between people and professionals could run in an environment with an updated economic and technological set of rules, the biggest problems facing humanity would diminish.

Who are we?

We are a group of Cuban entrepreneurs living in the US, Cuba, Spain, and Israel. Our team is 80% of women. Carlos Garcia, the founder, comes from a family of doctors who worked over 18 years in Africa. He is a SXSW / TechCrunch speaker and serial entrepreneur.


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