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Welcome to Klinklin, the community where you meet your PROs while they enjoy working online.


Create all means for people to receive help in the most affordable way.


Remove the barriers stopping the access to professional help

Everyone deserves help when they need it for them and their families, but better prices for that usually means professionals making less, and that is not good. Our goal is to help more people get help, and help professionals get paid the amount they deserve. If the relationship between people and professionals could run in an environment with an updated economic and technological set of rules, the biggest problems the human kind faces today would disappear.

Who are we?

Carlos Garcia comes from a family of doctors who worked over 18 years in Africa. Living there for a while and other life changing experiences set the grounds to create a platform which allows people to access professional help in a fairer scenario. Klinklin was founded after Carlos Garcia moved to Boulder, CO. The project started in Dec, 2019 and initially had a different name, it was after two years researching and finding how to give for FREE all the tools that professionals need to make a bigger impact online, that Klinklin was born.


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